The Historic Preservation Efforts of the Lower Merion Conservancy

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Lower Merion Conservancy

Dr. Gregg Gorton instructs medical students as an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also serves as director of an inpatient unit at Temple’s Episcopal Hospital. An avid birding enthusiast in his private life, Dr. Gregg Gorton contributes volunteer hours to the Lower Merion Conservancy and several other organizations that fight for wildlife and ecological preservation.

In addition to its watershed conservation efforts, the Lower Merion Conservancy supports preservation efforts to protect and celebrate structures and neighborhoods of historical significance throughout Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Conservancy is dedicated to providing technical support to public officials, municipal workers, and homeowners who want to preserve historic buildings. One of the methods that the Conservancy employs to protect properties is the façade easement, a deed restriction that preserves the exterior view of a given building.

In an effort to protect entire neighborhoods, the Conservancy founded its Historic Neighborhoods Initiative in 2008. Since that time, it has secured historic status for two neighborhoods: Haverford Station and English Village. It is currently working to establish additional historic neighborhoods in Ardmore and Merion Station, as well as Narberth, where Dr. Gregg Gorton lives.